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Fundok is the new-generation guest experience management platform for short-term rental housing in Dubai.

  UX, UI

Brief & Overview

Through its platform, FXF aggregates offers from participating exchanges, thus, providing users with access to the best buy and sell prices. The project strives to empower the cryptocurrency community, providing traders with top-level transparency and exceptional level of liquidity that the market couldn’t boast of so far.


Referr needed a first-class UI/UX solution that would make the web app convenient for all categories of users, follow the latest design trends, and contain unique functionality.

Design Process

   Step 1

  • Understanding the client’s needs;
  • Market analysis;
  • User research.

   Step 3

  • Customer journey map;
  • Site map;
  • Wireframes;
  • Platform and app design;
  • Responsive design.

   Step 2

  • Workflow recommendations based on the conducted research;
  • Building the business logic of the platform and app;
  • User persona;
  • User stories;
  • References for the design.

   Step 4

  • UX design presentation and approval;
  • UI design presentation based on feedback;
  • UI/UX design deployment.


When contacted our Northell team, the client had only a broad vision of the functionality that should be provided on the platform for landlords and the app for renters, although having great plans for this product. 

Our UI/UX designer decided to go the extra mile and offered to conduct user and market analysis to identify the wants and needs of the target auditories and create a design solution that meets these requirements perfectly. The client was very satisfied with the hands-on research and professional suggestions on the workflow and design for the Fundok platform and app. 

Another great challenge was that Fundok is a local product intended for Dubai rental market with a goal to expand its services all over the world. So, the idea was to build a solution that meets the needs of the local market with a possibility to scale the product when needed.

Renters, in their turn, would use the Fundok app installed on a tablet that is provided in the housing. With the help of this app, the renters would be able to get relevant information on check-in and check-out workflow, activities available around the place, order food from restaurants or groceries, book sightseeing tours, and much more. The renters’ requests are then sent to the operators that take care of them at the additional charge.

After conducting the user research, presenting the workflow recommendations to the client, and agreeing on the functionality, we worked on the user persona and user stories, a moodboard for the Fundok design, and wireframes. After that, we moved to the design stage and worked on the UI/UX solution for the Fundok platform and application.

Notably, in this project, we worked not only on the client’s brief but took a proactive part in the Fundok functionality development and design vision. Thanks to the tight collaboration and brainstorming sessions with the Northell team, Fundok received a full project vision and a top-class design realization.


We created an advanced UI/UX design for the Fundok platform for landlords and the Fundok application for the renters. 

For operators, we provided:

Ability to add several properties to the account;

Easy-to-use guest experience management platform;

Property grouping to manage several housings simultaneously;

Ability to add a team of operators to manage renters’ requests;

Detailed property statistics;

Convenient payment options;

Comfortable communication means with the renters.

For renters, we ensured:

  • User-friendly app functionality;
  • Simple order process;

  • Easy-to-navigate interface;
  • Convenient communication with the landlord

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